Saturday, September 4, 2010

Poise Model Agency

There's one new exciting model agency (which I'm a part of as a model) and is called Poise Models (they blog here). The agency is owned by the lovely Star.Oscars and is I belive that is going to be a great agency. Poise Models is still not opened to public, you need to wait a few more weeks but if you wanna be a part of the agency as a model you can still apply for it.

Here are the details:

"To apply to be a Model of the Poise Modelling agency, you must fill out the application form which you can find below. Then, you must send it via dollmail to PMOffice or to Star.Oscars (Poise Modelling owner and founder.) Whilst you await a responce, you must join club PoiseModels. When you get your responce from the agency, you will be either told that you have been accepted or declined. If declined, you will not become a member of the agency or club, and if you are accepted, we will accept you into the club and you're life as a Poise Model will begin!"



*Describe your current outfit and look:
*Why do you wish to be a Poise Model:
 *Where do you recieve your inspiration:
                              *What is your favourite stardoll store and why:
                                Will you take part in all competitions and agency events:

I wish you good luck ;)


Kylie/missricopenguin said...

I got asked to be a member^^

FierceIsMyThing said...

me to ;) is so cool to be asked!

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