Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week - Top Models Review

I just open my computer (I didn't went to stardoll in a few days) and I noticed that Stardoll Fashion Week already started! I'm not very good memorazing dates, so I was excited to check everyones collections and new models (of course!).

Let's start by saying that the SFW schedule is very organized and smart for a online fashion week. Being my self a student of fashion marketing, I was impressed by the quality of the event that promises so far to be THE EVENT OF STARDOLL. Althought I see that there is still a lot to be improved on, I think that the Stardoll Fashion Week is going very well for is first year (we hope that's going to be more).

So..... MODELS!!! I saw pretty interesting things, but unfortunally for most of the models, there didn't have the credit that they deserved. Yes, the models didn't do much, the graphic designers did all the work, we just stand there looking pretty but we at least deserved our name in the image. I guess that they were trying to do like the real fashion shows where the name of the model doesn't appear in a big screen or something (that would be stupid :P).
Which live me to my next question, does Stardoll Fashion Week the hability to create a top model? 
A few weeks ago I would say Yes without thinking twice but now I'm not so sure. No credits in the right places, no critiques of the models in any stardoll blog, people just don't care about models, which came as a surprise to me and actually made me a bit sad. All the time I see girls that wanna be Stardoll models, clubs and more clubs of model agencies that are full of members hoping to become a model but when the event of the years (SFW) comes, nobody cares about the models! Isn't almost a obligation to know the top models names and learn from them to become hopefully a top model yourself? Am I watching way to much America's Next Top Model or this is actually true?

Well.... you decide. What do you think about this? 
 Do you think that Stardoll Fashion Week can create a Top Model? 
 Did you pay attention to the models? If so, what did you think of the choice of models?
 Your opinion is important to me and hopefully with that I can talk to some of the SFW people and change it next season. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Model goes Actress

Is modeling not enough for you?

Did you always wanted to be part of a stardoll tv show but you still didn't have the chance?

Here is your opportunity, you can apply for the brand new tv station, Channel 99. This channel is owned by the blogger of Perez Hilton of Stardoll, "We're determined to bring you the best shows, in an array of themes and styles. Anyone is aloud to apply, and we encourage everyone to try, as you never know if your idea will be chosen!

Monday, September 6, 2010

My High Fashion Makeover (what do you think?)

I decided I was sick of my old hair style and I wanted something more fashion foward and stylish, so I paint my hair deep black, cut my hair into a Bob and use more black eyeshadow than normal to give a more dramatic eye contact. I also add a pink glossy lipstick to give mpre atention to the eyes and light my eyebrows to a more model and high fashion look.

The hairstyle was a bit inspired by one of my favourite new models Ranya Mordanova. Here she is:

What do you think? Is it to much? Sometimes I become to excited and forget that I'm a model and need to be more clean, but I think is not to bad.

Please tell me what you think in the comments, I don't get mad with criticism, is important to us models don't take it personally

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Poise Model Agency

There's one new exciting model agency (which I'm a part of as a model) and is called Poise Models (they blog here). The agency is owned by the lovely Star.Oscars and is I belive that is going to be a great agency. Poise Models is still not opened to public, you need to wait a few more weeks but if you wanna be a part of the agency as a model you can still apply for it.

Here are the details:

"To apply to be a Model of the Poise Modelling agency, you must fill out the application form which you can find below. Then, you must send it via dollmail to PMOffice or to Star.Oscars (Poise Modelling owner and founder.) Whilst you await a responce, you must join club PoiseModels. When you get your responce from the agency, you will be either told that you have been accepted or declined. If declined, you will not become a member of the agency or club, and if you are accepted, we will accept you into the club and you're life as a Poise Model will begin!"



*Describe your current outfit and look:
*Why do you wish to be a Poise Model:
 *Where do you recieve your inspiration:
                              *What is your favourite stardoll store and why:
                                Will you take part in all competitions and agency events:

I wish you good luck ;)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tyler's Top Trends HUGE COMPETITION!

The famous fashion blog of Stardoll Tyler's Top Trends is having a competition with great prizes. And when I say great I mean HUGE! You are not going to belive the prizes (they are crazy good), if you wanna be a model this is your opportunity to try for it.

Here's the prizes:

There are so many prizes that I still can't belive that is true. And the best part is that you don't need to do much to enter, is very easy, you only need to make a look in your suite inspired by the Preppy Look (huge trend for the Autumn).

The only problem is that the deadline ends today so hurry up!
If you win this you will be a Top Stardoll Model, with prizes like that even I'm going to try out.

What are you waiting for? Just click here and try your luck.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2 Weeks Break

For the next two weeks I will taking fashion design classes so I will not post that often. Also nothing special is hapening in Stardoll Modeling, when I found somethig I will post.

Also, join the club 5Models, is a interesting club but still very new. All updates about Stardoll Modeling and Top 5 models every month. Right now, I am in Top 5, so is kinda great ;)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

New graphic by me.

It's easy but I'm proud of it. Please comment and say what you think. It's made for a blog/club. :) It's a cheerleader.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cover magazine. A must for models.

I love COVER magazine. It's amazing. Just look at the graphics. AH-mazing. There's the amazing link. ;) Go check it out and have fun. Congratz to Yotoo of course. The covergirl who won that by an audition for modelinia models. Congratz Congratz. And a big wow for the graphic designers of the magzine, must be hard to graphic design for a whole magazine. :) Here's a sneak peak of the newest release before you go. Love it. Hehe and the covergirl is Yotoo. Again xD. Another picture. Still Yotoo.

All from me about Cover now to other things, parties. Go to it have fun and win 10sd. :)

Checking out. -Dreami.

Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm on Tyler's Top Trends!

Yes! Yesterday Tyler told me that today I was being featured in his blog Tyler's Top Trends, and guess what? I am! I couldn't be more happy! I just love the fashion taste of Tyler and now I guess he likes mine. Here's what he wrote about me:

"Who: FierceIsMyThing
What: Fabulousity - the gift of being naturally fabulous!
Wear: Balmain dress, glitter top, capri pants, pantyhose, and killer stilettos!

Watch out for this girl! She is F-I-E-R-C-E!"

Thank you Tyler!

If you wanna be also featured leave a comment in his blog, and who knows? Maybe you will be featured to!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sparkling Cycle - My favourites (Task 2)

Some of you may know this competicion, I already talked about the SparklingModels Club but know I will talk about the competicion and the blog. Is very simple, you audition for the cycle and if you are chosen you will be given tasks in a period of time. Those tasks normally have a theme and is a Stardoll version of a photoshoot, which means that you need to do a scenary but with poses. The winner of the cycle will be the cover of Recherche, pretty BIG! Click here to check the blog.
Right now, the Cycle Two already begun so you can't apply anymore but you can look at the work of the contestants so when the next cycle begins you already have a notion of what they want.
This week task was the Barbie theme, and the main focus was the makeup, all very pretty and pink.
Here are my three favourites scenaries:

Oh.... I almost forgot, if you love to know how to make a pose scenary, keep your eyes open in this blog for the next few days. A TUTORIAL IS COMING!!!

Another intresting mag.

Hey guys, Well today I have been looking around for more old/new magazines. I found some old and new. I want to show you guys a good one but new.That's acctually really fun to read and look at. Even if it isen't a sensation. :) I decided to post it here. Deliverence Mag! Haha. Well heres some other great mags. Recherche! God mag, great graphics. Alette, just fun mag. That's all for now. :D Checking out. Bye.

New magazine coming!

Well everybody guess what this will be about? Yes, the new magazine, Perfection mag is coming to town!! I'm so excited as I'm maybe going to help with the magazine. :D Well, it's like every other magazine I guess. One diffrence, they are Perfect. ;) Hope It will be as amazing like the other magazine that's going around in the Stardoll fashion world. I make a link and post a spolier and updates on the magazine when that's out. But they are searching for writers, idea givers and MODELS!! So go apply! Hurry hurry. Here comes the link :
Bye cheking out. :) -Dreami

Friday, August 13, 2010

New contributor!
Hello. I'm Tilde Persson and I'm the new proud contributor for Stardoll Model Aspirants. I'm here to lead you through the stardoll jungle of fashion. The newest magazines spoliors auditions and the future parties that's coming. Well this can be a living hell for a model. I understand cause I have the experience being a model for some months now. I'm so proud to be a writer for such an amazing idea. I think this is going to a blast. I will give you the best tips to get in to all the agency's however you look however you are. I'm also a graphic designer. Not as good as dear Eliana. But I'm working on it. Hope you guys will read the blog and learn carefully. That's all from me. Checking out. :)
Bye. For now. Ps: The graphic above is 100% made by me.

Admire September Issue Release

The September Issue of Admire Magazine was released today a few minites ago. The lucky covergirl is the one and only GothRibbon. There's interesting articles like the 4 pages Dioguardi Couture article and the interview with the Admire Covergirl. Go check the Admire Magazine blog and be surprized with the quality.

Also, I forgot to say that I am now a official graphic designer for the Admire Magazine. You will see my graphics in the October Issue, untill there read the September Issue.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Admire Magazine Party! (A MUST for Aspirant Models)

Admire Magazine release party is tomorow! You need to go to this party because it will help a lot your model career! The person with the most fashionable outfit will win 60 SD and be a MODEL in the next issue of Admire Magazine! It's a huge opportunity for you, be sure that you can make it! I will be there and I will also be watching for future models to feature in this blog. Remember, the featured user will have a graphic of her self made by Eliana Luck and many more prizes that will be posted soon.
Put your best outfit and good luck!

New Contributor!

Hi! My name is Eliana Luck (elice11) and I am the newest contributor and writer for Stardoll Model Aspirants! Actually, I am not really the newest. I helped FierceIsMyThing since she opened the blog, I made the graphic of her that you see on your right and helped her on the coverage of the Fashion Group Party. Now I am a official contributor for the blog and I couldn't be more happy! I am not a Stardoll Model but I am a graphic designer and I will help you to understand that world. This is very important if you wanna be a model because you need to know what the magazine editors are looking for and if they want you as a model a few graphic design knowledge would make a great first impression.
Here's a few graphics that I made than I hope you like.

Oh! I forgot! The featured model that FierceIsMyThing choose to feature will have a graphic design of her made for me completely for free! That will be a great add to your portfolio!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wild Magazine Return

The Autumn/Winter Issue of Wild Magazine is coming! After two issues of Wild (February 2010 and Spring/Summer 2010), the magazine will re-open with "much better graphics and more interesting articles", words from Vampire_ one of the owners.
And the good news are (at least for me) that I was invited to be a model of Wild and I will appear on the Issue.
So keep your eyes open for the comeback of Wild Magazine, because is going to be a good one.

The Eric Fo Project (Go Apply)

The Erin Fo Project is for all you fashionistas that wanna be recognize by your fashion skills but still didn't have that opportunity. It is not a modelling job but it will help you to become more famous in the stardoll community which sonner or later will see your modeling potencial. The blog is having a huge renovation right now, it promises bigger and better prizes than before. The Erin Fo Project is sponsored but right now that is still a secret. For the looks of it, I belive that the blog will be huge!
So what are you waiting for? Create your best outfit and apply! You have nothing to lose.

Thanks for reading

Monday, August 9, 2010

List of the Main Model Clubs in Stardoll

 All of us know that there is a infinity of model clubs in Stardoll, but only a few can really help you.
Here is a small list with the most helpfull clubs for you reach model greatness in a less period of time.

This is probably my favourite model club because not only the club has his own blog for model competicions devided by cycles (similar to America's Next Top Model but for Stardoll community) but also is posted all the lattest news that is happening in the modelling world of Stardoll.
Right now this club is giving away three spots to be in Stardoll Fashion Week. All you need to do is join the club and make a scenery wearing sun glasses (with pose of course!) but hurry up because you need to make your scenery untill 14th of August.
What I like the most of this club is that supports the idea that for being a model it isn't enough having a pretty face, you need to have creativity (just look at the club sceneries for the competicions and see why) and knowledge and love for fashion.
This is defiantly the club that you need to be in! But there's a small problem, the club is private and only the aspirent models with the most potencial are accepted, so put on your best make-up and your most beautiful outfit and try your luck!

Fashion Group Models! Yes, if your dream is to be in the cover of Eternity Magazine or a runway model for Stardoll Fashion Week this is the club that you need to be in! Right now auditions are taking place in the club. This is very important (let me highlight this IMPORTANT!) to audition for this. All of us know that stardoll fashion is nothing without the only high fashion magazine Eternity and most recently the most antecipated event Stardoll Fashion Week, so if you expect to be a sucessfull model you need to be in both of them.
There's good news! The club is public, so you don't have excuses to not audition.
Again, the best of luck!

Yes, the list is very small but this are the only two that you need to join in order to become a famous stardoll model. This only goes to show that all the rest of milions of model clubs that are in Stardoll are trash (sorry the expression).

But there's more clubs that I think that you need to be in to become a more versatile model and even a elite (or at least a aspitent elite)!

Everyone knows what this is! Elite News is probably my favourite gossip blog of all time! I just love the stories that they create, it always makes me laugh! What I love about their club is that you can post your own rumors and gossip and who knows? Maybe your news can be posted in their blog. Give it a try, is fun!

Are you ready to party? I hope you are because if you want to be a stardoll model you need to attend all the parties of this club. Not only they host most of the Fashion Group parties but also the owner of the club is the same of the SparklingModels club (above) and she is responsable for the best dressed list of all French Flaminco parties!
Parties are great for meeting new people, and some of them are crucial for you career. So be nice and friendly and most important have fun!

Well, I guess that's it. There aren't many good clubs (in my opinion) in Stardoll but I will keep searching for new exciting stuff. If I forgot some club please tell me and I add it if I like the club.

Thanks for reading

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Party you needed to go to! (Fashion Group Party)

It took place yesterday night (August 7) at FF.Nightclub Guestbook and for what I hear it was amazing! Unfortunally I couldn't make it but my good friend elice11 did and she told me the highlights of the party.

For the ones that don't know, the party was made with the preposition to announce the new face of Stardoll Fashion Week, so it was a Fashion Group Party. The dresscode needed to be inspired by Paris and everyone lookled amazing with their beret hats and red lips (only some were like that, don't wanna make a cliché).
Everyone was talking and have fun but the most important pearson of the party didn't show up. Writemarycat (Eternity Magazine owner and the responsable for Stardoll Fashion Week) that was suppost to announce the winner of the new face of SFW but she couldn't make it (I know that she may have good reasons to not show up, I am not criticize her). So, all the guests needed to do was leave or wait for writemarycat to show up (which most of the people did). Someone decided to go chat to other site (I don't know who started) and the party moved to there. People were having fun when out of no where a user with the name Writemarycat started to chat with us. She said "I have good news! There's 2 new faces of Stardoll Fashion Week!", everyone started to say "who?" and she responded "Congrats to Gweneee and BabetteCouture, they are the winners!". BabetteCouture wasn't in the chat but Gweneee was and she was so happy for winning! Writemarycat didn't stop to say congratulations and everyone was happy for Gweneee but out of no where Whitemarycat said "I was joking! You didn't won!". Everyone was shocked! We all understood that she was a poser and it was not the real writemarycat. A lot of names were called and with good reason! Poor Gwenee, she really thought that she won. It was a low blow in the part of the poser but I guess some people are just mean. The rest of the party was spend in comfort Gwenee and talking about stardoll elite and fashion blogs.
The party was amazing and fun without the writemarycat poser problem. I just wanna say to Gweneee that you have great chances of being a stardoll model I know that your opportunity will come.

And with all this drama I forgot to talk about the best dressed list, well it was very good! So good that I really think that everyone of the guests should be in that list but congrats to the ones who make it!

The New Face of Stardoll Fashion Week


Congratulations to the winner! More than 80 aspirents models try her shot to be the Face of SFW (including my self) but Coconut_Nicole beat them all! I can't wait to see her on SFW, I think she will do great!

For All Aspirent Models!

Do you want to be a Stardoll Model? Be on the cover of all the main fashion stardoll magazines, modeling for the Stardoll Fashion Week and be consider a ellite?

Well, that's all great but if you really wanna be a model you need to work hard! Go to all the auditions that are taking place at the moment, work on your image, go to all main stardoll parties (great for making new contacts), enter in model and fashion competicions etc. The most important in the Stardoll Modelling is to be NOTICED and DIFFERENT!

That is what I will try to do with this blog. I will post all the auditions, competicions and parties so you don't need to seach in all stardoll blogs, it will be faster and easier if you go here. I will also feature stardoll members that have potencial to be a model (who knows, it can be you) and even give modeling tips that can help you with your career.

So don't forget to follow this blog, I promise it will be very helpfull!