Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stardoll Fashion Week - Top Models Review

I just open my computer (I didn't went to stardoll in a few days) and I noticed that Stardoll Fashion Week already started! I'm not very good memorazing dates, so I was excited to check everyones collections and new models (of course!).

Let's start by saying that the SFW schedule is very organized and smart for a online fashion week. Being my self a student of fashion marketing, I was impressed by the quality of the event that promises so far to be THE EVENT OF STARDOLL. Althought I see that there is still a lot to be improved on, I think that the Stardoll Fashion Week is going very well for is first year (we hope that's going to be more).

So..... MODELS!!! I saw pretty interesting things, but unfortunally for most of the models, there didn't have the credit that they deserved. Yes, the models didn't do much, the graphic designers did all the work, we just stand there looking pretty but we at least deserved our name in the image. I guess that they were trying to do like the real fashion shows where the name of the model doesn't appear in a big screen or something (that would be stupid :P).
Which live me to my next question, does Stardoll Fashion Week the hability to create a top model? 
A few weeks ago I would say Yes without thinking twice but now I'm not so sure. No credits in the right places, no critiques of the models in any stardoll blog, people just don't care about models, which came as a surprise to me and actually made me a bit sad. All the time I see girls that wanna be Stardoll models, clubs and more clubs of model agencies that are full of members hoping to become a model but when the event of the years (SFW) comes, nobody cares about the models! Isn't almost a obligation to know the top models names and learn from them to become hopefully a top model yourself? Am I watching way to much America's Next Top Model or this is actually true?

Well.... you decide. What do you think about this? 
 Do you think that Stardoll Fashion Week can create a Top Model? 
 Did you pay attention to the models? If so, what did you think of the choice of models?
 Your opinion is important to me and hopefully with that I can talk to some of the SFW people and change it next season. 


liajm said...

Yes, I was excited when missricopenguin asked me to be a model, and after looking at the line "perfection" I saw the credits and realized I was a model! I did even notice, and it took me forever to decide which graphic was me. I'm still not sure but I think it's the first image. It's the only one with my eye color.

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