Friday, August 13, 2010

New contributor!
Hello. I'm Tilde Persson and I'm the new proud contributor for Stardoll Model Aspirants. I'm here to lead you through the stardoll jungle of fashion. The newest magazines spoliors auditions and the future parties that's coming. Well this can be a living hell for a model. I understand cause I have the experience being a model for some months now. I'm so proud to be a writer for such an amazing idea. I think this is going to a blast. I will give you the best tips to get in to all the agency's however you look however you are. I'm also a graphic designer. Not as good as dear Eliana. But I'm working on it. Hope you guys will read the blog and learn carefully. That's all from me. Checking out. :)
Bye. For now. Ps: The graphic above is 100% made by me.


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