Sunday, August 8, 2010

For All Aspirent Models!

Do you want to be a Stardoll Model? Be on the cover of all the main fashion stardoll magazines, modeling for the Stardoll Fashion Week and be consider a ellite?

Well, that's all great but if you really wanna be a model you need to work hard! Go to all the auditions that are taking place at the moment, work on your image, go to all main stardoll parties (great for making new contacts), enter in model and fashion competicions etc. The most important in the Stardoll Modelling is to be NOTICED and DIFFERENT!

That is what I will try to do with this blog. I will post all the auditions, competicions and parties so you don't need to seach in all stardoll blogs, it will be faster and easier if you go here. I will also feature stardoll members that have potencial to be a model (who knows, it can be you) and even give modeling tips that can help you with your career.

So don't forget to follow this blog, I promise it will be very helpfull!


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