Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Party you needed to go to! (Fashion Group Party)

It took place yesterday night (August 7) at FF.Nightclub Guestbook and for what I hear it was amazing! Unfortunally I couldn't make it but my good friend elice11 did and she told me the highlights of the party.

For the ones that don't know, the party was made with the preposition to announce the new face of Stardoll Fashion Week, so it was a Fashion Group Party. The dresscode needed to be inspired by Paris and everyone lookled amazing with their beret hats and red lips (only some were like that, don't wanna make a cliché).
Everyone was talking and have fun but the most important pearson of the party didn't show up. Writemarycat (Eternity Magazine owner and the responsable for Stardoll Fashion Week) that was suppost to announce the winner of the new face of SFW but she couldn't make it (I know that she may have good reasons to not show up, I am not criticize her). So, all the guests needed to do was leave or wait for writemarycat to show up (which most of the people did). Someone decided to go chat to other site (I don't know who started) and the party moved to there. People were having fun when out of no where a user with the name Writemarycat started to chat with us. She said "I have good news! There's 2 new faces of Stardoll Fashion Week!", everyone started to say "who?" and she responded "Congrats to Gweneee and BabetteCouture, they are the winners!". BabetteCouture wasn't in the chat but Gweneee was and she was so happy for winning! Writemarycat didn't stop to say congratulations and everyone was happy for Gweneee but out of no where Whitemarycat said "I was joking! You didn't won!". Everyone was shocked! We all understood that she was a poser and it was not the real writemarycat. A lot of names were called and with good reason! Poor Gwenee, she really thought that she won. It was a low blow in the part of the poser but I guess some people are just mean. The rest of the party was spend in comfort Gwenee and talking about stardoll elite and fashion blogs.
The party was amazing and fun without the writemarycat poser problem. I just wanna say to Gweneee that you have great chances of being a stardoll model I know that your opportunity will come.

And with all this drama I forgot to talk about the best dressed list, well it was very good! So good that I really think that everyone of the guests should be in that list but congrats to the ones who make it!


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