Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sparkling Cycle - My favourites (Task 2)

Some of you may know this competicion, I already talked about the SparklingModels Club but know I will talk about the competicion and the blog. Is very simple, you audition for the cycle and if you are chosen you will be given tasks in a period of time. Those tasks normally have a theme and is a Stardoll version of a photoshoot, which means that you need to do a scenary but with poses. The winner of the cycle will be the cover of Recherche, pretty BIG! Click here to check the blog.
Right now, the Cycle Two already begun so you can't apply anymore but you can look at the work of the contestants so when the next cycle begins you already have a notion of what they want.
This week task was the Barbie theme, and the main focus was the makeup, all very pretty and pink.
Here are my three favourites scenaries:

Oh.... I almost forgot, if you love to know how to make a pose scenary, keep your eyes open in this blog for the next few days. A TUTORIAL IS COMING!!!


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