Monday, August 9, 2010

List of the Main Model Clubs in Stardoll

 All of us know that there is a infinity of model clubs in Stardoll, but only a few can really help you.
Here is a small list with the most helpfull clubs for you reach model greatness in a less period of time.

This is probably my favourite model club because not only the club has his own blog for model competicions devided by cycles (similar to America's Next Top Model but for Stardoll community) but also is posted all the lattest news that is happening in the modelling world of Stardoll.
Right now this club is giving away three spots to be in Stardoll Fashion Week. All you need to do is join the club and make a scenery wearing sun glasses (with pose of course!) but hurry up because you need to make your scenery untill 14th of August.
What I like the most of this club is that supports the idea that for being a model it isn't enough having a pretty face, you need to have creativity (just look at the club sceneries for the competicions and see why) and knowledge and love for fashion.
This is defiantly the club that you need to be in! But there's a small problem, the club is private and only the aspirent models with the most potencial are accepted, so put on your best make-up and your most beautiful outfit and try your luck!

Fashion Group Models! Yes, if your dream is to be in the cover of Eternity Magazine or a runway model for Stardoll Fashion Week this is the club that you need to be in! Right now auditions are taking place in the club. This is very important (let me highlight this IMPORTANT!) to audition for this. All of us know that stardoll fashion is nothing without the only high fashion magazine Eternity and most recently the most antecipated event Stardoll Fashion Week, so if you expect to be a sucessfull model you need to be in both of them.
There's good news! The club is public, so you don't have excuses to not audition.
Again, the best of luck!

Yes, the list is very small but this are the only two that you need to join in order to become a famous stardoll model. This only goes to show that all the rest of milions of model clubs that are in Stardoll are trash (sorry the expression).

But there's more clubs that I think that you need to be in to become a more versatile model and even a elite (or at least a aspitent elite)!

Everyone knows what this is! Elite News is probably my favourite gossip blog of all time! I just love the stories that they create, it always makes me laugh! What I love about their club is that you can post your own rumors and gossip and who knows? Maybe your news can be posted in their blog. Give it a try, is fun!

Are you ready to party? I hope you are because if you want to be a stardoll model you need to attend all the parties of this club. Not only they host most of the Fashion Group parties but also the owner of the club is the same of the SparklingModels club (above) and she is responsable for the best dressed list of all French Flaminco parties!
Parties are great for meeting new people, and some of them are crucial for you career. So be nice and friendly and most important have fun!

Well, I guess that's it. There aren't many good clubs (in my opinion) in Stardoll but I will keep searching for new exciting stuff. If I forgot some club please tell me and I add it if I like the club.

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