Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Contributor!

Hi! My name is Eliana Luck (elice11) and I am the newest contributor and writer for Stardoll Model Aspirants! Actually, I am not really the newest. I helped FierceIsMyThing since she opened the blog, I made the graphic of her that you see on your right and helped her on the coverage of the Fashion Group Party. Now I am a official contributor for the blog and I couldn't be more happy! I am not a Stardoll Model but I am a graphic designer and I will help you to understand that world. This is very important if you wanna be a model because you need to know what the magazine editors are looking for and if they want you as a model a few graphic design knowledge would make a great first impression.
Here's a few graphics that I made than I hope you like.

Oh! I forgot! The featured model that FierceIsMyThing choose to feature will have a graphic design of her made for me completely for free! That will be a great add to your portfolio!


MissSaraT. / Kitypink11 said...

Wow the graphics look amazing ;D

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