Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cover magazine. A must for models.

I love COVER magazine. It's amazing. Just look at the graphics. AH-mazing. http://sdcovermagazine.blogspot.com/ There's the amazing link. ;) Go check it out and have fun. Congratz to Yotoo of course. The covergirl who won that by an audition for modelinia models. Congratz Congratz. And a big wow for the graphic designers of the magzine, must be hard to graphic design for a whole magazine. :) Here's a sneak peak of the newest release before you go. Love it. Hehe and the covergirl is Yotoo. Again xD. Another picture. Still Yotoo.

All from me about Cover now to other things, parties. Go to it have fun and win 10sd. :)

Checking out. -Dreami.


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